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    HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STIs
    a guide for primary care providers

    HIV Testing Week in NSW
    1-7 June 2015

    Dental and Orofacial Health
    and hepatitis C: for dentists

    B Positive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hepatitis B
    a guide for primary care providers

    National Testing Policy and Portal
    for HIV, Hep B and Hep C

    Australasian Contact Tracing
    resources to assist primary care

    Djiyadi - Can We Talk?
    for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexual health workers

    Australian STI Management Guidelines
    for use in primary care

    • HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STIs

    • HIV Testing Week in NSW

    • Dental and Orofacial Health

    • B Positive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hepatitis B

    • National Testing Policy and Portal

    • Australasian Contact Tracing

    • Djiyadi - Can We Talk?

    • Australian STI Management Guidelines


    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our  Vision is to see the virtual eradication of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our  Mission is to support the health workforce in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific to achieve this — through education and training; policy and advocacy; direct action and leadership.




    ASHM Gets Behind NSW HIV Testing Week Gets Behind NSW HIV Testing WeekDid you know it is estimated that 10,500 people in NSW have undiagnosed HIV infection?GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5;L0|#0dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5|HIV;GTSet|#dd3bb5ec-7f07-44a6-ad6a-353b82624b89GP0|#f8fe9405-b889-4059-9d4f-604e788720e1;L0|#0f8fe9405-b889-4059-9d4f-604e788720e1|External Organisation;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa414/05/2015 2:00:00 PM0
    International Nurses Day Nurses DayMay 12th is the birthday of Florence Nightingale and International Nurses Day.GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#43e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11;L0|#043e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11|ASHM;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa410/05/2015 2:00:00 PM0
    Clarification on Community Pharmacy Dispensing of HIV s100 drugs on Community Pharmacy Dispensing of HIV s100 drugsHospital and community prescribers will be able to prescribe using a streamlined authority and this will be able to be dispensed in the hospital or community pharmacy. BUT THE SCRIPT MUST BE WRITTEN ON OR AFTER 1 JULY 201GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5;L0|#0dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5|HIV;GTSet|#dd3bb5ec-7f07-44a6-ad6a-353b82624b89GP0|#43e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11;L0|#043e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11|ASHM;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa416/04/2015 2:00:00 PM0
    PrEP Update for HIV Clinicians Update for HIV CliniciansASHM has developed a Communique that details current information about PrEP and links to the Australian PrEP Guidelines, which were endorsed Monday 16 Feb. 2015.GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5;L0|#0dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5|HIV;GTSet|#dd3bb5ec-7f07-44a6-ad6a-353b82624b89GP0|#43e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11;L0|#043e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11|ASHM;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa429/03/2015 1:00:00 PM0

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    Aged Care Workers, HIV and Ageing Care Workers, HIV and Ageing.pdfAged Care Workers, HIV and Ageing
    HIV Decision-making Tool Decision-making Tool.pdfHIV Decision-making Tool
    National Hepatitis B Mapping Report Mapping National Report 2012-13.pdfNational Hepatitis B Mapping Report

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