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    HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STIs
    a guide for primary care providers

    Dental and Orofacial Health
    and hepatitis C: for dentists

    B Positive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hepatitis B
    a guide for primary care providers

    National Testing Policy and Portal
    for HIV, Hep B and Hep C

    Australasian Contact Tracing
    resources to assist primary care

    Djiyadi - Can We Talk?
    for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexual health workers

    Australian STI Management Guidelines
    for use in primary care

    • HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STIs

    • Dental and Orofacial Health

    • B Positive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hepatitis B

    • National Testing Policy and Portal

    • Australasian Contact Tracing

    • Djiyadi - Can We Talk?

    • Australian STI Management Guidelines


    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our  Vision is to see the virtual eradication of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our  Mission is to support the health workforce in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific to achieve this — through education and training; policy and advocacy; direct action and leadership.




    Additional ASHM Scholarships Now Available ASHM Scholarships Now Available​We are pleased to advise that we have additional scholarships from the ASHM Scholarship Program available for the IAS in Vancouver, EACS in Barcelona and the Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference in Brisbane. GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#43e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11;L0|#043e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11|ASHM;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa44/05/2015 2:00:00 PM0
    Positive Living Development Institute Living Development InstituteThe Positive Living Development Institute is an initiative of Positive Living Victoria.GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#f8fe9405-b889-4059-9d4f-604e788720e1;L0|#0f8fe9405-b889-4059-9d4f-604e788720e1|External Organisation;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa44/05/2015 2:00:00 PM0
    Clarification on Community Pharmacy Dispensing of HIV s100 drugs on Community Pharmacy Dispensing of HIV s100 drugsHospital and community prescribers will be able to prescribe using a streamlined authority and this will be able to be dispensed in the hospital or community pharmacy. BUT THE SCRIPT MUST BE WRITTEN ON OR AFTER 1 JULY 201GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5;L0|#0dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5|HIV;GTSet|#dd3bb5ec-7f07-44a6-ad6a-353b82624b89GP0|#43e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11;L0|#043e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11|ASHM;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa416/04/2015 2:00:00 PM0
    PrEP Update for HIV Clinicians Update for HIV CliniciansASHM has developed a Communique that details current information about PrEP and links to the Australian PrEP Guidelines, which were endorsed Monday 16 Feb. 2015.GP0|#c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b;L0|#0c36cf865-d47b-4684-b5d0-cd345320e21b|News;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eGP0|#dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5;L0|#0dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5|HIV;GTSet|#dd3bb5ec-7f07-44a6-ad6a-353b82624b89GP0|#43e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11;L0|#043e42eb1-a069-43e4-baff-1bc89aeaeb11|ASHM;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa429/03/2015 1:00:00 PM0

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    Aged Care Workers, HIV and Ageing Care Workers, HIV and Ageing.pdfAged Care Workers, HIV and Ageing
    HIV Decision-making Tool Decision-making Tool.pdfHIV Decision-making Tool
    National Hepatitis B Mapping Report Mapping National Report 2012-13.pdfNational Hepatitis B Mapping Report

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