​​ASHM produces a number of publications to support health professionals to test, diagnose, manage and treat STIs:


ASHM Resources

For STI and other ASHM resources please see the resources menu of the ASHM website.



ASHM Endorsed STI and Sexual Health resources: 


Australian STI & HIV Testing Guidelines for Men Who Have Sex With Men 2019

ASHM has endorsed this guideline


ASHHNA Competency Standards for Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Nurses 2nd Edition

ASHM supported the development of these standards


       Communicable Diseases Australia (CDNA) XDR Gonorrhoea Recommendations

Summary Document of Discussions held by a Working Group established to report to the Communicable Diseases Network Australia on recommendations for gonorrhoea treatment in a new era of extensively drug resistant gonorrhoea. This reccomendation was incorporated into the Australian STI Management Guidelines.


STI/HIV testing tool

ASHM endorsed this testing tool.


Sexual Health Competency Standards for Primary Health Care Nurses 

ASHM endorses these standards which were developed by NSW STIPU


Queensland STI/BBV Testing tool for Asymptomatic People

ASHM endorsed this testing tool.