Key resources to support hepatitis C care



Decision Making in Hepatitis C

This 2-page resource covers indications for testing and diagnosis of hepatitis C, and provides a guide to assessment and treatment in primary care.

ASHM Hepatitis C
Online Learning Modules

ASHM offers a range of free interactive online learning modules covering hepatitis C. The courses are evidence based, peer reviewed, and tailored to meet the needs of various healthcare professions.

Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project

The Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project provides estimates of CHB prevalence, infant immunisation, as well as treatment and care uptake, allowing readers to identify disparities in access to care and priority areas for response.

Australian recommendations for the management of hepatitis C virus infection: a consensus statement (June 2020)

A reference for health professionals involved in the management and treatment of hepatitis C, addressing HCV diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.


ASHM develops a host of resources to support care delivery across different clinical settings. Resources are available as follows:
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