SWHIV are a special interest group of over 65 social workers, working within metropolitan, regional and rural settings across NSW (from both government and non-government agencies). Their members are committed to supporting vulnerable people living with HIV – helping to bring dignity, social justice and hope. While the prognosis for most people with HIV is to live long and healthy lives, there remains stigma and discrimination related to HIV that can further impact people’s health, well-being and their ability to access care, treatment and support.  


With a strong focus on advocacy for marginalised communities and clients, SWHIV are also regularly advocating for their profession - being aware of changes to policy and emerging trends across the state and sector. They provide their members with opportunities for research, networking, collaboration, professional development and peer support.  


In recent months the SWHIV cohort have observed a significant increase in the demand for psychological assistance within the sector, supporting people who are increasingly socially isolated, an ageing population group, as well as supporting people with HIV navigating the welfare system.  The COVID-19 specific related trends that are emerging, relate to an increase in drug and alcohol use and the challenges supporting some of their clients without a permanent residency status with access to financial support, legal assistance, accommodation and food services.  

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