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5 September 2017

Published by ViiV Healthcare Australia, Critical steps towards addressing HIV in Australia provides a unique perspective on the current state of HIV in Australia, and is a product of close consultation with community representatives, community-based healthcare professionals and people living with HIV.


Professor Sharon R Lewin, Director of The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, The University of Melbourne states in the foreword:

"The report highlights that we have made significant progress toward our shared goals of virtually eliminating new HIV transmissions, and improving the lives of those living with HIV. Yet it also highlights that there remains much work to do. Community perspectives on barriers to testing, diagnosis and treatment such as health literacy, cost, and stigma and discrimination, are explored. The report also highlights challenges faced by culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups and people living in regional areas who may not recognise their risk of contracting HIV."


Brent Allan, former Chief Executive Officer of Living Positive Victoria further states:

"Critical steps towards addressing HIV in Australia exemplifies how collaboration across industry, community, policy and research can make a huge difference in our understanding of how to best respond to HIV in Australia and sets a brilliant example of best practice in civil society engagement between industry, community and healthcare providers. This report does more than just identify the challenges we face as a nation towards the virtual elimination of HIV in Australia. It reaches into the future to pose the questions and possible solutions for us to consider while our researchers bring us ever closer to a cure for HIV. As we reach for the global targets of 90:90:90 we cannot lose sight of the remaining 10% who often live on the margins of society in vulnerable circumstances and with challenges we have to identify now if we want to ensure that no one gets left behind."

"We are at a crossroads of the HIV epidemic in Australia. What we thought we knew and the communities we strove to support are going to change rapidly with the advent of new biomedical prevention technologies, new therapies and delivery mechanisms, and the improvement in our understanding of how HIV intersects with our bodies as we age. Furthermore, how the stigma of HIV continues to compromise our quality of life and our expectations of wellness remains a major challenge that must be met head on. This report provides a remarkable reflection of where we are at in responding to HIV in Australia today and the collective challenges we are still yet to face."


Dr Mark Bloch, ASHM President-Elect offered his congratulations to the collaboration at the report's launch: 

"As incoming President of ASHM, the peak body representing the doctors, nurses and health care workers who treat and care for those with HIV, blood-borne viruses and STI, I know that it is only through the close partnerships between those with HIV, the community organisations, the clinicians and the researchers, as well as government, that Australia has an achieved an exemplary model for the management of HIV that is widely admired around the world. This is a timely launch of this very well researched and worthwhile ViiV White Paper."


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Critical steps towards addressing HIV in Australia Report