On behalf of the ASHM Board and Staff Team, we send our sympathies and condolence to the family, friends and colleagues on the news of the untimely and concerning death of Mr. Polikalepo ‘Poli’ Kefu, President of Tonga Leiti’s Association (TLA) on the 1st May 2021.

As has been stated by others so eloquently, Poli, was a selfless humanitarian and a tireless advocate for the rights of those with diverse sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions and on a personal level was someone who lit up a room with enthusiasm, passion and positivity.

Tonga Police are currently investigating Poli's death and the circumstances surrounding it and ASHM remains concerned that this is resolved fully and that the violence so often perpetrated towards people of diverse sexual orientation and gender expression across the region stops here.

More information can be found via this link including a statement from the TLA.