ASHM has updated its flagship Decision making in Hepatitis B tool to provide greater detail to assist primary care providers to screen, diagnose, treat, and manage hepatitis B.

Presenting a clear and simple step-by-step for primary care providers to follow, our 2-page Decision Making in Hepatitis B tool provides a comprehensive overview of hepatitis B management. The resource includes indications for testing, interpretation of hepatitis B serology and required actions, initial assessment, determination of treatment indication, ongoing monitoring and follow-up, as well as guidance on when to discuss with or refer to a specialist.

Updates to this edition of the resource include:

  • When to refer to or discuss with a specialist
  • Greater detail regarding interpretation of serology
  • How to assess for liver fibrosis
  • Considerations for gaining informed consent
  • HBV DNA levels in each phase of chronic hepatitis B to assist with disease staging
  • Guidance on how, and how often, to monitor patients, depending on phase of disease

Who and how to screen for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)