The ASHM board, our staff, members and advisors sincerely thank Craig for his five years of dedicated leadership.  

Through community engagement, practical programs and quick responses to policy initiatives, Craig’s leadership centred the organisation as the preeminent voice of people living with HIV in NSW. His tireless advocacy ensured decision making would translate usefully for the everyday person. 

Craig worked to promote people living with HIV as experts in both their health and their lives by empowering individuals living with HIV to find their voice, in turn raising the voice of the whole community. These voices have united to be heard by clinicians, researchers and policy makers. 

Despite advances in treatment and social campaigns, we know that people living with HIV face barriers, stigma and discrimination on many levels of daily life.  

Craig leaves a resilient Positive Life NSW that will continue to guide the way people living with HIV speak for themselves. We thank you for your advocacy and insights, and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.