On 24 February 2019 ASHM convened a Queensland Prisons Forum on Hepatitis C Treatment and Opioid Substitution Therapy in collaboration with the Statewide Gastroenterology Clinical Network. A summary of the 2019 Forum and a set of recommendations based upon the presentations and discussion at this event is now available.  

The forum, with 72 participants from throughout the state, aimed to bring together health staff working in correctional centres with those providing in-reach or telehealth services for viral hepatitis, to discuss progress in hepatitis C treatment programs and the roll-out of OST across Queensland correctional centres. This event followed an initial forum on hepatitis C treatment in Queensland prisons held 12 months prior.  

Significant progress was made over the 12 months between the 2018 and 2019 Forums, with several services reporting increases in hepatitis C screening and treatment uptake, and overall improved efficiencies, streamlining of processes and stronger state-wide communication. The next Queensland Prison Forum will be held in early 2020.


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