Suresh Sharma – Nurse Practitioner


Where are you currently working?   

I am primarily based at the John Hunter Hospital within the Hunter New England Health Service in New South Wales and work in the in Liver Clinic at John Hunter Hospital and Community Outreach Liver Clinics which we provide. 


Why is it important for you to be able to prescribe s100 medicines?   

Being able to prescribe s100 medications for people with Chronic Hepatitis B has been a game changer, as it allows patients whom I have established a therapeutic relationship with treatment for management of their Hepatitis B infection in less frictionless way, which can be more convenient and accessible to where they are living. Many of the patients whom I am seeing with Chronic Hepatitis B are from marginalised groups within our community often and have difficulty accessing a Hep B prescriber, so being able to provide this service to them has improve their access to treatment in addition improved their level of medication adherence and hopefully their long term outcomes. This helps our patients and service by reducing the need for patients to see multiple people with in our service and often provides an easier point of contact for patients and their families.  


Integrating s100 prescribing in to care  

I have been lucky to have been working in the viral hepatitis space for a number years and work in a well-established viral hepatitis and liver clinic service and have been an active Hepatitis C prescriber so integrating s100 prescribing to my practice has been luckily for me at least a smooth transition so far. It has been great to be able to provide care those who need it in an efficient and timely manner, thanks again ASHM and all who lead this change to the PBS listing! 


Shannon Woodward – Nurse Practitioner

The Canberra Sexual Health Centre nursing team. 


Where are you currently working?  

I work at Canberra Sexual Health Centre which is the only publicly funded sexual health service in the ACT. Our service provides HIV care to approximately 350 individuals as well as providing sexual health services to residents of the ACT and surrounding regions. 


Why is it important for you to be able to prescribe s100 medicines?  

Barriers to care access can have a negative impact on PWHIV. I have seen many patients attending our service for HIV monitoring but was previously unable to complete the episode of care due to PBS s100 prescribing restrictions.  This often resulted in fragmented and duplicated care, as I had to call on an available s100 Prescriber to come into the consultation and write a prescription after providing them with a patient handover. Our service also has a small prescriber team, so having an additional s100 prescriber in the team has benefited the clinic as a whole. 


How have you integrated s100 prescribing in to care? 

The Nurse Practitioner plays an integral role in HIV service provision at CSHC and I have been actively prescribing since I received my s100 prescribing rights in September 2020. I am now able to provide holistic care for patients as their ongoing HIV care clinician.