ASHM, in collaboration with our clinical advisors, is excited to announce the launch of this free online learning module for nurses.  The Introduction to Syphilis for nurses online learning module is designed to provide nurses with knowledge of priority populations for screening and testing, appropriate testing and interpretation of serology to reduce syphilis infections in Australia. 


Nurses play an essential role in the identification (what is syphilis and who should be tested),  serology (tests for diagnosis and interpreting serology), treatment and  follow-up of syphilis (appropriate treatment, patient care, contact tracing to ensure others who may be exposed/infected are tested). The aim of the module is for nurses to identify clinical indicators; symptoms and risk factors as part of a comprehensive review of sexual health and syphilis history to ensure timely testing, treatment and referral if required.    


This one-hour learning module includes 3 topic areas using scenario-based questions to reinforce learning.  Accreditation for 1 CPD hour with the Australian College of Nursing is pending. 


A sincere thank you to all the contributors for their time, expertise and input. 


Click on the link to access the modules: