REACH-C is a national observational cohort study run by the Kirby Institute, UNSW, which aims to collect basic clinical and demographic data on all patients initiating DAA-based treatment in Australia, including treatment initiated by general practitioners (GPs) and other primary or community- based practitioners. 

As part of this study, the Kirby Institute in collaboration with ASHM have developed an easy to use online form that prescribers can complete to gain specialist approval to initiate DAA therapy. The REACH-C online form is an important tool for linking practitioners not experienced in the treatment of hepatitis C to specialist support. Practitioners can use this form to gain specialist approval with a usual turnaround time of within 24 hours. 

The tool has recently been updated in line with updates to the PBS for the management of hepatitis C and is presented in a clear, easy to navigate format.

Check out the New and Improved REACH-C online form.