ASHM is pleased to announce the launch of the ASHM Public Health Virtual Experience Program. Over the past few months, ASHM has worked closely with Forage, an open access online education platform, to create our very own virtual experience program. 


The ASHM Public Health Virtual Experience Program aims to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in field of public health. Those who undertake the program will receive valuable, unique insight into Australia’s leading public health agency, providing support for the HIV, viral hepatitis, and the sexual health workforce.   


The virtual experience program distils the ‘workplace’ into a series of engaging, real-life, self-guided tasks. The program is modelled on real-world tasks and projects undertaken by someone working in public health.  

When participants complete the program, they obtain a certificate they can add to their resume and use as a talking point in job interviews. Participants will leave the program with demonstrable skills that employers in public health organisations are looking for. 


To view the ASHM Public Health Virtual Experience Program, click here


Forage has also released a blog post outlining the benefits of the program. Find it here.  


We encourage you to check out the program and share with your networks.