Tell us about yourself

My name is Alex Dowell-Day, and I am in my second year of a Masters of International Public Health/Public Health (Extension) at the University of New South Wales. I was born in Sydney and have lived here all my life. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, and for my honours thesis I looked at the differences in frequency of weight commentary among people in same sex and heterosexual relationships, and whether such comments are associated with disordered eating and relationship satisfaction. I have also worked as a research assistant at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and with the UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine.


I’m really passionate about public health, particularly LGBTQ health and HIV because LGBTQ people have poorer health outcomes in a number of areas compared to the general population. These are issues which affect me, many of my friends, and other people I care who are also LGBTQ, so I decided to go into public health because I want to improve the extent to which they and other people in my community have similar health outcomes and access to care as the general population.


What do you hope to achieve from being an intern at ASHM?

I’d like to learn and develop skills in some areas that I don’t have much experience in, and hopefully do some work which makes a meaningful contribution to public health. I also hope that being an intern at ASHM will give me some insight as to the type of work I most enjoy and the areas I would like to go into when I graduate.   


What attracted you to interning at ASHM?

I was attracted to ASHM because I think it is an organisation which shares my values and interests, such as HIV, sexual health, and strengthening the health system as a means of improve health outcomes. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to gain some experience in an area that I really care about.