ASHM’s members are the lifeblood of the our organisation, and actively contribute to our continued leadership in the Australasian response to HIV, viral hepatitis and STI’s.

ASHM is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Catherine O’Connor has been awarded ASHM Honorary Life Membership. Catherine has mentored and inspired many young doctors, nurses and other clinicians to pursue a career within sexual health and HIV medicine.

Catherine has been a committed ASHM board member from 2013-2018, serving as ASHM Vice-President from 2016-2017. Her influence on governmental and non-governmental advisory boards and committees has led to significant change in policy, resulting improved educational outcomes for healthcare professionals and better health outcomes for those people living with HIV, STIs and BBVs.

Working diligently as a clinician within Australia and the region, Catherine has developed a once small sexual health clinic within Sydney’s inner west to become the second largest in NSW. She has also contributed significantly to the research on marginalised populations and has undoubtedly made a tremendous impact on the health and wellbeing of people living in both Australia and nearby developing countries. We are honoured to have Catherine as one of our lifetime members and thank her for her continued support of ASHM over the years.

Catherine currently serves as the president of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine, RACP.