The new website for ASHM’s flagship publication, HIV Management in Australasia: a guide for clinical care, is launching on December 1st, 2019 to coincide with World AIDS Day. HIV Management in Australasia is a ‘living resource’ for health practitioners managing people with HIV infection in Australasia and neighbouring countries. It provides information on the basic principles of preventing, diagnosing and managing HIV-associated disease.

This resource is a testament to the dedication of a highly skilled HIV workforce in Australia who have voluntarily contributed their time and expertise to develop a high-quality resource which is freely available to health professionals managing patients with HIV, or anyone with an interest in HIV management. First published as a printed monograph in 2003, the publication became known as the “Green Mono” and a source of guidance for clinicians in Australia and neighbouring countries. The move to an online publication has provided the flexibility to meet the needs of the HIV workforce in an evolving landscape and allows for information to be reviewed and updated as needed.

Under the direction of honorary editors Martyn French, Emeritus Professor in Immunology at the University of Western Australia, and Dr Elizabeth Crock, HIV Clinical Nurse Consultant and Nurse Practitioner, the latest edition of HIV Management in Australasia has been revised to reflect the management of HIV in Australia today with more focus on primary health care. It is intended to be an easy to access reference text which is educational and informative to assist in the day to day practice of busy health professionals. With tabulation of topics, and references to expert texts and guidelines, HIV Management in Australasia remains an essential resource for anyone with an interest in HIV management.

The new website is now live with new chapters and updated content being added over the coming months. You can visit the new website here.

ASHM would like to thank the many contributors over the years for sharing their knowledge and expertise, and their continued commitment to the development of the HIV workforce in our region.


2019 Authors and Reviewers:

Honorary editors: Emeritus Professor Martyn French and Dr Elizabeth Crock.

Adam Jenney

Deborah Mariott

Jenny McCloskey

Peter McCluskey

Alexis Lara Rivera

Don Smith

Jim Buttery

Philip Cunningham

Alison Duncan

Donna Tilley

Joe Sasadeusz

Phillip Du Cros

Andrew McLean-Tooke

Edwina Wright

John McAllister

Rachael Purcell

Angie Pinto

Elizabeth Crock

Judith Gorst

Rajesh Varma

Anthony Dart

Elizabeth Phillips

Karen Blyth

Rohan Bopage

Archana Koirala

Emily Wheeler

Katherine Samaras

Sam Milliken

Arthur Wong

Fabiola Martin

Khai Huang

Sandra Gregson

Bruce Brew

Fiona Fargie

Louise Dolahenty

Shelley Williams

Cherie Bennett

G Dunne

Margot Whitfield

Skye McGregor

Christina Chang

Gemma Hartmann

Marisa Gilles

Sophia Zagora

Dianne Carrey

Gilda Tachedjian

Mark Bloch

Stuart Turville

Dani Lin

Ian Lockart

Mark Boyd

Suman Majumdar

Daniel O'Brien

Ian Woolley

Mark Danta

Swamanathan Balasubramanian

Danielle Collins

Iryna Zablotska

Mark Jeanes

Thomas Hadwen

Darren Russell

James Ward

Mark Kelly

Toby Syme

David Baker

Jane Tomnay

Mark Schifter

Tom Carter

David Gracey

Janine Trevillyan

Martyn French

Tony Kelleher

David Iser

Jason Ong

Michelle Giles

Trine Gulholm

David Lee

Jason Trubiano

Mitchell Chipman

Vickie Knight

David Nolan

Jayne Howard

Nick Medland

Vincent Cornelisse

David Sowden

Jeffrey Post

Oscar Morata Ramirez

Virginia Furner

David Templeton

Jennifer Broom

Pam Palasanthiren

Winnie Tong

Debbie Couldwell

Jenny Hoy

Paul Cameron

Zaal Meher-Homji

Denise Cummins