A new chapter has been added to ASHM’s flagship publication, HIV Management in Australasia: A guide for clinical care. The new chapter — 'HIV infection in adolescents transitioning to adult care' — is now available online. You can access the complete resource here.

HIV Management in Australasia is a ‘living resource’ for health practitioners managing people with HIV infection in Australasia and neighbouring countries. It provides information on the basic principles of preventing, diagnosing and managing HIV-associated disease.

Under the direction of honorary editors Martyn French, Emeritus Professor in Immunology at the University of Western Australia, and Dr Elizabeth Crock, HIV Clinical Nurse Consultant and Nurse Practitioner, the latest edition of HIV Management in Australasia has been revised to reflect the management of HIV in Australia today with more focus on primary health care. It is intended to be an easy-to-access reference text which is educational and informative to assist in the day-to-day practice of busy health professionals. With tabulation of topics, and references to expert texts and guidelines, HIV Management in Australasia remains an essential resource for anyone with an interest in HIV management.

Martyn French had this to say about the importance of the resource: “The primary aim of the new website is to assist in the education, training and day-to-day practice of health practitioners involved in assessing and managing people with HIV infection in Australia and neighbouring countries. Given the changing face of HIV Medicine over the last decade, the content of the new website has been revised and updated to put more of a focus on primary health care and non-specialist hospital care.”