Australia, April 2017
ASHM is aware that there is currently a current shortage of hepatitis B vaccine in Australia due to a precautionary halt in the manufacturing process and an on-going supply constraint of GSK Engerix-B® (Hepatitis B surface antigen recombinant (yeast) vaccine) adult. 

The Australian Government Department of Health has advised it is currently working closely with hepatitis B vaccine suppliers as well as state and territory governments to better understand the extent and impact of the shortage and to consider options to address all Australian State, Territory and Federal Government vaccination programs where GSK Engerix-B® is the vaccine of choice. Production is now back to normal however it will take time to re-build capacity. At this stage GSK are unable to confirm a re-supply date.

As a result CSL-Seqirus who make H-B-Vax-II are experiencing unusually high demand which they can’t completely meet.

They are understandably prioritising state health departments and hospital orders for now and limiting quantities distributed to try and ensure equitable access.

For anyone who has a particular need or circumstances for ordering vaccine they can call CSL customer service on 1800 008 275 to discuss. Please visit the TGA website for ongoing updates to supply.