People living with hepatitis B can be denied a permanent visa if they fail to meet the health requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs. One requirement relates to the expected cost of the applicant to the government over time.  

A shift in Departmental Policy—changing the definition of a “significant cost” as well as a reduction in listed cost for one of the first line antiviral therapies—may have positive implications for those applying for permanent visas.  Considering these recent policy changes, ASHM has updated our Hepatitis B and Immigration resource. This resource provides a template for health professionals to help support people who are living with hepatitis B and applying for permanent visas.  

Access the resource here

ASHM has also recently updated the HIV and Immigration resource. While recent policy changes are not expected to significantly affect people living with HIV, this resource has been updated to ensure that all changes have been implemented to help guide clinicians on this matter. ASHM will continue to review the resource to ensure guidance is up to date and responsive as possible.