The 2019 Deadly Sex Congress, an annual forum for Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexual health workers to update knowledge, build workforce capacity and share stories, was held in Brisbane on 30 April – 1 May for 56 participants. The Deadly Sex Congress is organised by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sexual Health Workers through an Organising Committee Structure and implemented by ASHM.  

“Listening and talking to others in the sector gave me new ideas in my approach to service delivery, especially engaging with MSM and providing support for the mob”  

Topics in this year’s Congress included BBV/STI epidemiology, syphilis, contact tracing, LGBTI brotherboy and sistergirl programs and perspectives, sexuality and mental health, HIV positive stories, adolescent sexual development, sexual assault, and substance use trends. The program included interactive panel discussions, community stories from Aboriginal health workers, lived experience talks and health worker-client scenarios role-played by actors from the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts. 



The 2019 Deadly Sex Congress is strategically supported by the Queensland Sexual Health Strategy 2016-2021 and the North Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sexually Transmissible Infections Action Plan 2016-2021. Specifically, the Strategy and Action Plan identify providing coordinated education, training and continuing professional development opportunities; showcasing STI best practice and achievements; and promoting and supporting access to Deadly Sex Congress and networks.