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The Deadly Sex Congress is an annual forum for Indigenous Sexual Health Workers from across Queensland to update their knowledge, build workforce capacity and share their stories. Topics will include healthy relationships, BBV/STIs, contact tracing, HIV treatment as prevention, how to design and deliver Deadly programs and special sessions on Men's and Women's business.

The congress will be running in Brisbane on the 19th and 20th of October at the George Williams Hotel, 317-325 George Street. Applications can be made online here before the 4th of October.

The 2016 Deadly Sex Congress is strategically supported by the draft Queensland Sexual Health Strategy 2016-2021 and the North Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sexually Transmissible Infections Action Plan 2016-2021. Specifically, the Strategy and Action Plan identify providing coordinated education, training and continuing professional development opportunities; showcasing STI best practice and achievements; and promoting and supporting access to Deadly Sex Congress and networks.

Accommodation will be provided for delegates upon registration approval. All other travel arrangements will need to be coordinated by the delegate and their organisation. The 2016 Deadly Sex Congress is funded by Queensland Health.


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Katelin Haynes, Senior Project Officer


T: 0423 058 692


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