ASHM is delighted to have Euodia Mosoro, from Papua New Guinea (PNG), interning with ASHM International for 6 months.


Having completed her Masters of Public Health at the University of Melbourne under the Australia Awards program in 2019, Euodia is also member of the prestigious Australia Awards Women’s Leadership Initiative and a recipient of the Allison Sudradjat Prize – markers of her academic excellence.


Prior to her study, Euodia was the National Program Coordinator for PNG’s National HIV Program where she oversaw the implementation of point-of-care CD4 testing machines and laboratory CD4 analysers. This role saw Euodia empower and support clinicians to provide high-quality HIV and CD4 testing to their clients, improving the quality of services available to PLHIV across the country.


For Euodia, ASHM’s ongoing HIV and sexual health clinical capacity development work in PNG and across the Pacific made choosing an internship site an obvious choice.


“ASHM’s special interest areas align well with the areas of public health that I have a keen interest in and am passionate about, being sexual and reproductive health and empowering women” said Euodia. “I felt ASHM was the perfect fit for me” she added.


During her time with AHSM, Euodia will be supporting the Sexual and Reproductive Health Integration Project (SRHIP) and the development of a module on the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of People with Disabilities for the upcoming Clinical Mentor Masterclass.


When reflecting on her clinical experiences in her home county and the exposure she’s had to ASHM’s projects there, Euodia is confident in the important role of AHSM’s clinical capacity development work.


"I believe ASHM is making a much-needed contribution towards the HIV response in PNG to address our mixed HIV epidemic" said Euodia.


While significant progress has been made over the more than 15 years that ASHM International has been working in PNG, the changing nature of the epidemic requires ongoing capacity development.


“While HIV has decreased in the general population, rates of transmission are increasing amongst key populations. The clinicians working in this space still need support so that they are better able to help people living with HIV and support them through treatment” said Euodia.


By spending time with the ASHM International team, Euodia is hoping to gain more practical experience in project management and implementation – sills that will enable her to better respond to HIV and other public health issues in her home country and further afield.


“I see the opportunity at ASHM as a learning experience, and I hope to gain practical experiences in project management and learn how public health outcomes are achieved through program implementation” said Euodia.


While ASHM International will endeavour to provide such learning opportunities to Euodia during her time with the team, there is undoubtedly a wealth of experience she will impart to the team in return.


Welcome, Euodia!