ASHM International Training Packages

ASHM International has extensive experience in delivering a broad suite of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health trainings across Asia and the Pacific. These trainings are complemented by a proven mentoring program incorporating tailored clinical coaching, that supports clinicians to apply knowledge and achieve positive practice change.

In order to create a more confident and competent clinical workforce, providing high quality sexual health services in the Asia and Pacific region ASHM International has developed three regional trainings, sexual health and rights; engagement with key populations (including stigma and discrimination); and transgender health and trans-competent care as part of the Improving and Strengthening Sexual Health Services in Asia and the Pacific program.

These trainings have been designed to improve and strengthen the capacity of health care providers. ASHM International have choose to pilot these training packages in Port Moresby, PNG. ASHM International in cooperation with its consultants and local stakeholders have adapted the trainings to align with most recent international and regional guidance and best practice in sexual health and rights Internationally and in PNG.


ASHM International has rolled out these trainings on:

  • Sexual Health and Rights from 24-26 June;
  • KP Engagement on 18 July 2019; and
  • TG Health and Trans-Competent Care on 19 July 2019.


The trainings have been facilitated by Associate Professor Catherine O’Connor and Dr Marcel Kalau, HIV & Sexual Health Specialists using an ASHM International multimodal training package, including evaluation and participant assessments, that had been adapted to country and organisational context. During the workshop, the facilitator continued to adapt the training sessions, content and pitch in response to participant learning needs.

Overall the participants showed impressive improvement on the knowledge and have a deep involvement in activities and class participation. They showed a lot of interest in Reproductive and Menstrual Health and Sexual Health in Humanitarian Response and stigma and discrimination.

ASHM International team is looking forward to hear the feedback from the stakeholders and participants that were involved in the trainings, to enhance our education tools and facilitation modes.

In the near future ASHM International is looking forward to developing this set of trainings in different countries in the Asia Pacific region to continue strengthen and improving the capacity of our health care providers.  


Some Feedback: Cathy Ketepa from Friends Frangipani:

We found it very interesting during the two days training. It was our pleasure to be part of the team and we also learnt alot about sexual health issues during our time with the health care workers. 

Within that training we all learnt alot and we really appreciated ASHM for making things easier for us to meet and discuss issues, and also addressed them in a way we all understood what to do next.

We are also looking forward to work closely with ASHM in the years to come.