Sector Release
22 March 2018


ALL GOOD is a commonly used Australian expression meaning "everything is fine; there's nothing to worry about". But why was this chosen for a website designed for people of culturally and lingustically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgroundfocusing on key information on BBVs and STIs and providing tools and referral pathways to testing and treatment? 

In developing this website, ASHM's challenge was to come up with a name acceptable to all the different cultural groups. While not directly referencing sensitive health topics, ALL GOOD infers that if someone has and/or thinks that they may have contracted one of these infections, they can get information, get treated—and they'll be OK. Get facts, get checkednow you're all good!

The ALL GOOD website project was created by ASHM in consultation with a wide range of representatives from multicultural health, community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and individuals. It was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health as part of their National BBV Strategies providing the policy framework for national, state and territory governments; and community and professional organisations to respond to HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, STIs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander BBV and STIs.

ALL GOOD focuses on key information on BBVs and STIs and provides tools and referral pathways to testing and treatment. Information is provided in 17 different languages, including English, in both text and spoken word recordings.

Listen to an audio file explaining what you can do on the website in English

Health organisations are finally getting it, we are not all the same and consideration for your cultural differences is a key factor in communication. If I close my eyes and just listened to the audio I could picture someone similar to me talking, so it felt like I was having a yarn with a friend or relative.

Torres Strait Islander man from website focus group
Cultural & Indigenous Research Centre Australia


If you work with people from culturally and lingustically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we invite you to visit the website to:

  • Read or listen to spoken-word audio information in simple-language on HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and
  • Choose a language in which to read and/or hear this information
  • Find a service:  Search for a doctor or a testing centre in your Australian suburb (or closest to). You can also find out if there is a doctor that can speak your language.
  • Get support from community:  Search for community organisations where you can talk to someone who knows about living with HIV or hepatitis.
  • Access and download Resources:  Search the database with listings on hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV or STIs. A range of resources exist for specific community groups and in different languages.





Endorsements for ALL GOOD from our stakeholders

Relationships Australia in South Australia is a provider of community education and support services (including counseling and case management services to help break cultural taboos and challenge seeking-help behaviours) for culturally and linguistically diverse people at-risk and/or affected by BBV and STI. This ALL GOOD website  is a fantastic tool that provides a one-stop shop and easy-to-understand information, not only for clients-in-need, but also it provides tools to help settlement services, clients and their loved ones navigate the system in their Australian state or territory. People can look for relevant services and other important resources. I absolutely love the fact that people do not need to read and write to get the basic information about the BBV or STI issues as they can simply listen to audio recordings in their own language.

Enaam Oudih, Practice Manager – Multicultural Services
Relationships Australia SA


CEH welcomes this new ALL GOOD website that provides information to our diverse communities in 12+ languages on sensitive topics. This website enables community members to access information in a confidential way and to identify where to seek the most appropriate care and support. Alongside the Health Translations Directory, this website initiative increases community members’ health literacy and enhances their ability to understand and take control of their own health issues.

Alison Coelho, Manager Multicultural Health
Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health  (CEH)


It's fantastic that the new ALL GOOD website project included the re-development of The hepatitis B story into a new talking book format in 4 new languages: Urdu, Hindi, Thai  and Khmer. The affected communities participated in the re-design and were excited to see plain language information in their language. These new resources encourage people to consider their own health and increase access to information about the importance of hepatitis B testing and management.

Gabrielle Bennett, Victorian Viral Hepatitis Educator
St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM)


The experience working with ASHM [co-producing The Syphilis Story on the ALL GOOD website project] was fantastic as all the staff were very supportive. We are happy to have The Syphilis Story app on this site and will promote it to educators. This resource is more targeted to Aboriginal people in urban areas who may have better internet connections and access to this resource that has been adapted as a choose-your-won-adventure online game into a Men's Version and Women's version.

Jan Holt, Health Promotion Officer
Dept of Health Northern Territory Government


Part of the ECCQ’s work in supporting the social and economic participation for all Queenslanders through strengthening community associations, involves a program of BBV and STI awareness – as well as – a program supporting people living with viral hepatitis. Our activities include such initiatives as, bi-lingual face-to-face workshops and health promotion in various languages. The ALL GOOD  website compliments our work in raising awareness of Australia's cultural diversity by providing simple and easy-to-understand information on HIV, hepatitis and STIs for people from non-English speaking cultures to access important health messages.

Zhihong Gu, Program Manager BBV & STI Programs
Ethnic Communities Council of QLD