To mark Trans Day of Visibility on Tuesday 31 March, ACON launched a new online platform: TransHub! An exciting digital information and resource destination for all trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, loved ones, allies and health providers. Central to TransHub is person-centred, human rights focussed information about social, medical and legal gender affirmation, and other key health issues for TGD people. TransHub also offers information specific to COVID-19 for TGD people. 

TransHub’s allies section provides information to partners, friends, employers, educators and colleagues, and the clinicians section addresses creating welcoming environments, gender affirming hormones, surgical interventions and providing patient-centred care. The site also includes a comprehensive language guide, and a portal to access the resources available throughout the website.

ACON’s Manager, Trans & Gender Diverse Health Equity, Teddy Cook said : “It was important to us that we collaborated with as many different trans people as possible and have proudly consulted, created opportunities for, commissioned and supported hundreds of community members to bring TransHub to life, we also partnered with a number of leading specialist organisations and clinicians to ensure TransHub is accurate, evidence-based and accessible for those who will benefit from using it.”