Due to the impact of COVID-19 and its effect on our core business, we really need your support this year more than ever!

Not only will your ASHM membership provide you with many practical opportunities to help you with your work within the sector, your annual fees provide critical financial support.

For more detailed information on our important work within the sector and your individual membership benefits, please refer to the Membership Prospectus

If you are an s100 Prescriber your ASHM Membership also provides you with an easy and convenient way to collect your annual CPD points in order to maintain your accreditation:

HIV – ASHM Membership = earn 2 points out of the required 7 CPD points each year.

HBV – ASHM Membership = earn 1 point out of the required 3 CPD points each year.

We are also offering our financial members extremely generous discounted rates to the 2020 Joint Australasian HIV&AIDS and Sexual Health Conferences: VIRTUAL and as a financial member you can save over 60% on your conference registration fees.

To renew, simply log in to ASHM using your My ASHM username and your password. Click on the “Renew Membership” button and follow the prompts. If you prefer, you can also call Membership Services and renew your membership over the phone (02) 8204 0756.