ASHM was built on partnerships throughout the HIV and Sexual Health Sector, and we work extensively with a range of organisations, often in a competitive funding environment, with a shared vision of fostering the best possible workforce. 

ASHM is working hard to encourage more funding for our Scholarship Program. However, when scholarships aren’t available, we encourage individuals who require scholarships to reach out to various organisations and bodies within their sector group to apply for funds. These organisations are often well placed to provide support, and may already have budgeting for these purposes.  

The scholarships ASHM facilitates vary by type, frequency and selection criteria. When we have scholarships available they are advertised through various channels and on the website here.  

Independent conference committees oversee conference programming. They are responsible for offering scholarships when we receive funding for these purposes, they decide the application criteria (published on the website above) and choose which group would benefit most. Scholarships are generally offered to those who have had abstracts accepted to the program, or have submitted abstracts.  

If your organisation wants to offer support to Individuals and emerging health care professionals, please contact