Message from Levinia Crooks, ASHM Chief Executive Officer

9 May 2017



As ASHM members will know from the recent 2016 Annual General Meeting and ASHM Annual Report 2015-2016 there have been a significant number of changes in the way the Commonwealth Government relates to the non-government sector: moving from core funding to discrete and strategy-priority projects. ASHM has been successful in securing a number of these tenders and contracts. But at the same time many of our activities which have been seen as core, no longer have a Commonwealth funding source. These include our policy activities; and the production of print resources many of which provide support to our training programs. We are exploring a number of avenues to deal with this.

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The Journal of Virus Eradication approached me at the end of 2016, with the view to us establishing an ongoing relationship. The Journal would provide an ongoing source of published information of relevance across the majority of our program areas: HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C and a number of sexually transmissible infections, it would even embrace our nascent work in HTLV-1. It would also provide Australian and New Zealand researchers, clinicians and policy makers with a publication option, which does not currently require a processing/publication fee. The Journal currently processes submissions free of charge and the Journal is Pub Med listed.

Published by Mediscript it is a high quality print Journal as well as a predominantly on-line publication. Importantly from ASHM's perspective it regularly produces supplements, again both in print and electronic versions. We hope to be able to use the Journal and its supplements to have a number of our policies and guidelines published. Thus replacing, at least in part, some of the losses associated with the changes to Commonwealth arrangements.


More on the Journal of Viral Eradication

The Journal of Virus Eradication is global.

Many will be familiar with Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jintanat Ananworanich MD, PhD Associate Director for Therapeutics Research, US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP), from her time at HIVNAT. She is supported by Editors: Professor Margaret Johnson MD, FRCP, Professor of HIV Medicine, University College Medical School, Royal Free London Foundation Trust and Dr Sabine Kinloch-Loes MD, Senior Lecturer, Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London.

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There are many familiar names on the Editorial Board and Editorial Panel:  Gail Matthews, Kirby Institute and ASHM Director is on the Editorial Panel along with David Cooper. The Journal has been proactive in responding to and providing a publication option for a number of global strategic initiatives: The HIV Cure Symposium at the Durban Conference (16-17 July 2016) has published its abstracts in a supplement and a recent supplement The HIV epidemic in South-east Asia: initial responses towards the UNAIDS 90–90–90 goal, will be used as a resource for ASHM's HIV Fundamentals Course which we are holding in Hong Kong adjacent to the Asia Pacific AIDS and Coinfections Conference (1-3 June 2017). It is edited by N. Kumasamy and R.N. Pendse from the WHO Regional Office for South East Asia.

Please take this opportunity to read the Journal. ASHM has decided to go with an electronic-only version in 2017, with print copies for specific supplements. We will also aim to provide timely reports back from our conferences and where possible and feasible, publish conference abstracts in the Journal. 


Submit your work for publication

ASHM encourage our ASHM members to increase the Journal's readership, which will help to support this open-access publication that is free of charge to authors.  Please take the time to look at the Journal of Virus Eradication and to seriously consider it for your next publication.

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