Since 2005, the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Committee on HIV and STI has endorsed the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Guidelines for the use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV Infected Adults and Adolescents and requested that ASHM provide a regularly updated commentary on those Guidelines relevant to Australia. The US DHHS has agreed to this adoption and adaptation process, resulting in the ASHM Sub-Committee for Guidance on HIV Management in Australia being formed to provide Australian commentary.  

We are pleased to announce the launch this month of the new ARV guidelines website, providing an accessible location to house the latest Australian commentary on the use of antiretroviral agents. Please click through here  

Dr James McMahon, Chair of the ASHM Sub-Committee for Guidance on HIV Management in Australia, gives a  brief overview on how clinicians can use this new guide:

The DHHS guidance is available in a brief and long format with the brief format focusing on the key tables and data to assist clinicians in the clinical care of people with HIV. The Australian committee have been endeavouring to find a more user-friendly online approach to provide this advice in an accessible layout for Australian providers. Therefore, the brief version of the US DHHS guidance has been adapted into to an easy to use and interactive online format and the Australian comments have been embedded within it. Now, clinical guidance on topics such as initiating or optimising the use of existing ART is easily available online or on a portable device for Australian providers.  

We hope that this will increase the dissemination of the high quality and evidence-based guidelines developed by the DHHS with the additional advice specific to the Australian context also being easily available. 

The Australian commentary reflects the most recent updates made to the US DHHS guidelines (October 2018).