• ASHM is a registered charity for health promotion purposes and has both a Domestic and an International Gift Fund.
  • Donations to the gift fund are tax deductible.
  • The Domestic Gift Fund is used to support scholarships and training, particularly to early career health care workers and students.
  • The International Gift Fund supports our international program, scholarships and provides support to our regional partner organisations.
  • ASHM are one of more than 54 000 charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).
  • ASHM is also a signatory to the Code of Conduct for Australian aid and development agencies, which is administered by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).

ASHM's International Program​ provides assistance in the setting up and ongoing support of partner organisations for health care professionals in Asia and Pacific regions who work in HIV/STI and related diseases.

Collaborations and activities include enhancing organisational capacity, development and review of policy guidelines and strategies, and health care worker training and mentoring programs.

By supporting the ASHM International Gift Fund, you can assist ASHM in the provision of:

  • Capacity development for teams of national HIV health care providers in regional developing countries.
  • Improved access to treatments and care services for people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Educational materials to resource-poor settings.
  • Support for visiting scholar programs.
  • Training courses to facilitate local provision of treatment and care.

The ASHM Gift Funds Committee is a subcommittee of the ASHM Board. It considers applications for support and makes recommendations to the Board. The ASHM Secretariat administers the Gift Funds.

All projects funded by the Gift Funds are documented on the ASHM website and in ASHM member publications. The work of the Gift Funds is recorded in the ASHM Annual Report.

How You Can Contribute

Proceeds from any special or fundraising activity, as well as one-off or regular donations, can be made to the Gift Funds.

You can also assist by:

  • Pledging a set amount over a number of years.
  • Making a bequest in your Will.
  • Establishing a scholarship.
  • Donating to either of the Gift Funds in lieu of flowers or gifts.
  • Donating when joining ASHM or renewing your membership.
  • Nominating to have some, or all, of your speaker, writer or reviewer fee donated to either Gift Fund if you are a presenter at an ASHM training course or work on development of one of our resources.

More information

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