Our Approach

Clinical Training & Mentoring

We work with partners to identify and address the clinical and public health education needs of the HIV, viral hepatitis, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

ASHM Global’s suite of clinical education packages for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health are designed to be tailored to the specific needs of country and context. Our team of staff and consultants work with partner organisations through a structured adaptation process, to develop a tailored education package that addresses identified learning needs of the health workforce. Our model of longitudinal engagement promotes sustainability by graduating support from on-site training to workplace mentoring to remote coaching.

Policy & Guidelines

We support governments and partner organisations to build the strategies and systems for delivery of high quality health services.

ASHM Global works with governments and national organisations to develop and implement strategies, policies and guidelines that support the delivery of high-quality clinical services for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual and reproductive health. We also partner with health services and professional societies to translate national documents into local practice. We are committed to supporting universal access to health.

Linkages & Knowledge Exchange

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and building of partnerships to drive practice advancement in HIV, viral hepatitis, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

ASHM Global facilitates cross-country learning and sharing of experiences through conferences, webinars, social media groups to build the capacity of health workers to deliver person-centred and evidence driven health services.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning

We strengthen systems and people to enable improved local, national and global data management and translation.

ASHM Global works with partners to promote the establishment and maintenance of a healthy data culture that drives high-quality data across the data feedback cycle. Our M&E team build the capacity of health workforce to submit required forms, project staff to manage and analyse data, and management to translate and use data to improve services and programs.

Partners in Response

We strengthen the organisational capacity of local partners to enable effective leadership and sustainable delivery of quality HIV, viral hepatitis, sexual and reproductive health and rights services. 

ASHM Global works closely with local partners through a structured assessment to identify areas for strategic organisational capacity building. We are committed to supporting local leadership in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual and reproductive health and rights responses.

To view ASHM’s Global Strategy and Effectiveness Framework click here.



ASHM Global’s work in the COVID-19 Response 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASHM established the Blood-Borne Virus, Sexual Health and COVID-19 Regional Advisory Group which provides guidance to health workers on COVID-19, HIV, Sexual Health and Viral Hepatitis during this critical time. The advisory group consists of 70 sector specialists from 10 countries and has reached approximately 4,000 health workers and other stakeholders. ASHM currently runs two COVID-19 infodemic management projects with a reach of 200 health workers across Papua New Guinea.