Position Statement

October 2016

ASHM believes that all clinicians with the skills and experience to manage hepatitis C should be able to initiate treatment.

ASHM knows that clinicians gain skills and experience from a number of sources and as such recognises a number of paths for the demonstration of such skill and/or experience. These include:

  • Training provided, on-line or face to face by ASHM or another reputable clinical education provider, or
  • Training obtained on-the-job in a clinical setting where hepatitis is managed.

ASHM further recognises that hepatitis C is a condition affecting a whole person and as such ASHM values holistic care of the patient in general practice, or other primary care settings, including Aboriginal Medical Services, Drug and Alcohol Services, Sexual Health Services, youth, migrant, women’s or men’s health services, mental health services or corrections/juvenile justice services which may have a functional and ongoing relationship with a patient living with hepatitis C.

All clinicians treating hepatitis C should have access to testing, assessment and treatment information, and services for patients to assist them in their decision making about treatment and post treatment decisions. Where possible and desirable from the perspective of the patient, patients should have access to, be referred to, or provided with information about peer services.

Clinicians are able to distinguish patients with advanced or complicated disease who may need specialist referral or follow-up. Patients without these needs should be able to be managed in the primary care setting.

Patients with comorbidities may likewise need ongoing referral and management and this will also be a factor for patients managed in tertiary settings who will need ongoing general practice care and possibly other non-hepatitis related specialist care.

ASHM provides training and ongoing continuing medical education, professional development and quality improvement programs to assist clinicians to maintain their currency in hepatitis C management. ASHM training is accredited by relevant colleges and as such contributes to clinicians’ maintenance of clinical and professional standards.

ASHM lists on its website clinicians who have this training and experience. Clinicians can apply to ASHM to have their details listed on this web based list service.


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Hepatitis C Prescribing – October 2016 [PDF]