1. ASHM does not enter into any sponsorship arrangement that impacts its independence or brings the society into disrepute, nor with commercial entities whose products or services are incompatible with ASHM’s mission and values. 

  1. ASHM does not allow sponsoring entities to use the ASHM logo (except according to the express terms of the written sponsorship agreement) nor allow sponsorship arrangement to imply endorsement by ASHM of any product or service. 

  1. ASHM does not allow product promotion as part of educational activities. 

  1. ASHM does not accept industry sponsorship for s100 prescriber accreditation courses in HIV and hepatitis B nor working meetings on policy issues which aim to produce guidelines, reports or recommendations.  

  1. ASHM may accept industry sponsorship for other events including educational workshops, networking events and the suite of ASHM 'owned' conferences and may accept industry sponsorship, in the form of an unrestricted grant, to assist health industry workers to attend and/or report back from conferences and meetings.  

  1. ASHM may accept commercial sponsorship for project activities including the development of publications and educational resources but without any influence over the format, content or tone of project activities i.e. equivalent to an unrestricted grant and without co-branding of publications (i.e. in words only).  

  1. ASHM offers opportunities to sponsor Policy and Education Division activities equally to all relevant commercial entities to the best of ASHM's knowledge and without favouritism.  

  1. ASHM shall exercise complete editorial control over content, tone and emphasis for all ASHM events. 

  1. ASHM may permit the holding of ‘satellite’ events at its conferences however such events must clearly be specified as non ASHM-endorsed activities 

  1. ASHM’s organisation of an event in no way infers endorsement of any product or entity. 


The following analysis represents the main sources of funds for ASHM’s National Policy and Education Division (including International activities).


As per ASHM 2018/19 Budget