We, members and representatives of the community working to eliminate hepatitis C — a community that includes people living with viral hepatitis, people who use drugs, advocates, health care providers, programme managers, harm reduction experts, researchers, the pharmaceutical industry, and policy-makers — are concerned with the gap between the global impact of hepatitis C on the health and well-being of people who use drugs and the limited access to evidence-based services effective for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C infection. 

A declaration, calling for political leaders to take action, was launched and signed by organisations and members of parliament during the 7th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users in Cascais, Portugal.  


See the full declaration here


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By signing this pledge, we support the declaration and: 


1. Commit to advocate for improved access to harm reduction services; 

2. Pledge to promote, support, and strive for more health services that are accessible and acceptable to people who use drugs; 

3. Agree to push for global removal of access and reimbursement restrictions to hepatitis C therapies based on recent or ongoing drug use; 

4. Commit to support the negotiation of better prices for diagnostics and treatments; 

5. Pledge to eliminate stigma, discrimination, and violence against people who use drugs; 

6. Commit to advocating for drug policy reform to reduce the incarceration of people who use drugs; 

7. Advocate for enhanced funding for hepatitis C elimination efforts. 


If elimination by 2030 is to be achieved, the global community needs to act immediately.


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