ASHM supports the health workforce in hepatitis C across Australia and New Zealand.




ASHM’s work in hepatitis C

As a peak organisation, we:


ASHM is proud to work in collaboration with sector partners, including community groups, towards eliminating hepatitis C in Australia. We do this through collaborating on the Viral Hepatitis Mapping Report, contributing to research studies, jointly developing clinical education programs and resources, and working in partnership on policy, recommendations and guideline development.

ASHM has taken a leadership role in advancing hepatitis C policy in Australia. Particularly advocating for broadened prescribing rights for primary health practitioners. ASHM also oversees the National Hepatitis C Testing Policy, a practical guide that outlines current best practice for health professionals ordering and interpreting hepatitis C serology.​ Find out more about ASHM’s work in policy and advocacy here.

ASHM’s HCV education and training programs meet the learning needs of a diverse number of healthcare practitioners. These include; introductory HCV updates; advanced blended learning courses, combining online learning and practical workshops; and courses specific to roles or settings such as, nursing or those working in drug and alcohol settings. Learn more about ASHM HCV training, find training near you using our Training Locator Map or contact

ASHM develops and maintains multiple HCV resources to provide healthcare practitioners with tools to implement HCV testing, linkage to care and treatment processes in their setting. These include patient checklists, reference guides, decision making tools and more. View our suite of resources here.

ASHM’s viral hepatitis conferences include focussed discussion on HCV. The Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference is the leading multidisciplinary viral hepatitis conference in Australasia. The conference is held biennially and was first convened in Sydney in 1997. The inaugural Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference took place in 2017 and showcased the latest scientific developments and real world implementation of best practice HCV care.

The ASHM membership program strives to draw together a range of professions supporting people living with HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs and related diseases. To learn more about the program see here.