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Ngarra 2010

Co-infection; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis C; HIV; STI |
Booklet |
Allied Health; GPs; Nurses; Prescribers; Research; Specialists; Students Trainees |
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Peoples; MSM; People Living With BBV |

In 2010, ASHM in partnership with NACCHO, AIDA and NCHECR (now the Kirby Institute), held the first showcase of sexual health initiatives specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population groups.

What resulted was a mix of retrospective works, projects in implementation and projects in development providing a snapshot of where the sector had been, where it was in 2010 and where it was going.

From the poignancy of the AIDS Quilts to the beautiful condom dresses, from research projects to pieces of art, individuals and organisations shared their work, ideas and creativity.

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