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    Viral Hepatitis and Substance Use Program


    • The Hepatitis and Substance Use Program was established in June 2016 to enable the roll out of programs specific to practitioners working in drug and alcohol settings or with people who inject drugs.
    • ASHM, in collaboration with the Kirby Institute, UNSW and the International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU), have developed the Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Education program designed to strengthen the capacity of healthcare professionals working in drug and alcohol clinics to effectively test for, treat and manage HCV infection. This educational activity  will be implemented across Australia, and internationally (North America and Europe) through INHSU, throughout 2017-18 and beyond.
    • The Program has benefitted from a highly committed Steering Committee consisting of clinicians, researchers, policy makers and members of the affected community, all of whom have worked in partnership to create an education and training program which supports increased screening, linkage-to-care and broad HCV treatment access for all patients.

    ​Viral Hepatitis and Substance Use Program staff

    Emma Day.jpg
    T  (02) 8204 0769 

    ​Emma Day, Program Manager​

    As Program Manager, Emma oversees all projects within the Program portfolio. She has extensive international project management and adult education experience.
    Passionate about harm reduction and ensuring hepatitis C treatment access for all, Emma is committed to contributing to policies, programs and projects based on public health and human rights that aim to reduce the health, social and economic harms associated with drug use. This includes transmission of HIV, hepatitis B and C, and overdose.  

    Please feel free to contact Emma if you would like to discuss the Hepatitis and Substance Use Program in more detail. 

    Nikitah Habraken.jpg
    T   (02) 8204 0708

    ​Nikitah Habraken, Project Officer 

    As Project Officer working across the Viral Hepatitis and Substance Use Program, Nikitah facilitates the domestic and international roll out of the Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Education Program.

    Nikitah holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in International Public Health. Nikitah has been with ASHM since 2014, and was until recently leading the management of ASHM's nursing program. Nikitah has many years' experience working across HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health, with a particular focus on strengthening ASHM's sexual health programs and sector partnerships.

    For clinicians interested in training in Victoria, Northern Territory and New South Wales, please contact Nikitah directly.

    Sally Cruse.jpg
    T   (02) 8204 0729

    Sally Cruse, Project Officer 

    Sally will help facilitate the implementation of the Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Education Program both domestically and internationally.

    Sally has a double degree in Law and Arts which she finished in 2012 and recently completed her Masters in Health Policy at Sydney University with a focus on harm reduction services for drug users. Her thesis was a policy proposal on introducing Needle and Syringe Programs into New South Wales prisons to prevent hepatitis C transmission. Prior to ASHM, Sally worked in various policy areas for State and Federal Government Departments and completed an internship with the World Health Organization Management of Substance Abuse team in Switzerland.

    For clinicians interested in training in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland – please contact Sally directly.

    About INHSU

    The International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU) is an international organization dedicated to scientific knowledge exchange, knowledge translation, and advocacy focused on hepatitis C prevention and care among people who use drugs.

    The ASHM conference and events division organise INHSU's International Symposium on Hepatitis in Substance Users, which attracts delegates including health professionals (doctors, nurses and allied health), researchers, community organisations, people who use drugs and policy makers.

    For information on their 6th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users held at the Hyatt Regency on the Hudson, Jersey City/New York, United States on 6–8 September 2017, please visit:

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