ASHM International conducts a variety of educational activities and programs, in collaboration with regional and Australian partner organisations, aimed at enhancing the HIV, viral hepatitis and STI clinical capacities of health care providers in Asia and the Pacific.​

The Short Course in HIV Medicine and Related Conditions and Managing HIV in Key Affected Populations in the Asia and Pacific Regions that ASHM conducted between 2004-2014 were intensive programs for experienced HIV clinicians and health care providers and attracts participants from Asia and the Pacific.

ASHM International manages a unique program of clinical and laboratory mentoring​, through which HIV and related experts undertake regular, short-term mentoring visits to participating sites over an agreed duration in order to facilitate clinical capacity development and sustainability.

ASHM International also contributed to the ASHM Leadership, Networking and Mentoring Program which links and provides networking and mentoring opportunities to people working in the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health sectors.​

Is it HIV? is a clinical and training resource aimed at enhancing early diagnosis and treatment of HIV in Asian and Pacific settings. The resource is available in hard copy and in e–learning. There is a Bahasa Indonesian edition and a Vietnamese edition of the resource.


International Short Course in HIV Medicine and Related Conditions


​ASHM conducted the International Short Course in HIV Medicine and Related Conditions from 2004 - 2014, adjacent to the Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference and in 2014 the World AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne.

The course is designed to meet the needs of participants from countries in the Asian and Pacific regions who have an advanced level of knowledge and professional experience in HIV management. The course focuses on:

  • Epidemiology and transmission factors in regional epidemics
  • HIV testing and counselling
  • Advanced HIV management, including ARV treatment
  • Co-infection of tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, malaria and viral hepatitis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Paediatric HIV and Neuro-AIDS
  • Comprehensive care and Building effective health systems

Site visits were included as part of the program.


​Participants receive ongoing follow up and support through a range of mechanisms. 

These include:

  • Links to ASHM's regional partners and activities
  • Updates through ASHM's website
  • Notice of ASHM publications and meetings
  • Country partnership programs
  • The ASHM Leadership, Networking and Mentoring Program

​ASHM also collaborates in regional training programs. These are developed together with our local partners in order to better address the clinical challenges, as well as the epidemiology and the social and cultural responses to HIV in specific settings and populations. ​


  • For enquiries about the International Short Course in HIV Medicine and Related Conditions or Managing HIV in Key Populations in the Asia and the Pacific Regions, please contact Duc.Nguyen​@ashm.org.au


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Clinical and Laboratory Mentoring

Drawn from ASHM's extensive membership, ASHM's mentors provide clinical and laboratory expertise to clinicians and other health workers in sites across the Asia and Pacific regions. Through regular, short term visits, mentors build professional relationships with local clinicians and health workers to provide practical support and positive outcomes for HIV care and treatment in diverse settings.

Mentorship encompasses:

  • Decentralisation of HIV care and ART
  • Strengthening of district health systems
  • Task shifting
  • Transitioning to chronic care with advocacy for community care initiatives and PLWHA involvement in care
  • Support for standard care guidelines and standard operating procedures for the site
  • Continuing education​

Clinical mentorship is a system of practical training and consultation that fosters ongoing professional development to yield sustainable high quality clinical care outcomes.

ASHM's members represent a wide range of experts with clinical, laboratory research and advocacy skills; many have worked in Asia and the Pacific and participate in ASHM Internationals' mentoring programs. 

ASHM provides training and support to our mentors. The Clinical Mentoring Introduction Workshop provides:

  • Information on current clinical mentorship experiences in areas where ASHM works: case studies of clinical mentoring in the Asia and Pacific regions
  • An overview of  clinical mentoring in resource-limited settings
  • Information on clinical mentoring practices and key knowledge and skills required
  • Information about mentoring opportunities with ASHM

For more information about ASHM International's mentoring program, please email international@ashm.org.au



Is it HIV? A clinical resource for health care professionals in the Asia and Pacific regions​

Resources-IsItHIV.jpg ​  Capture.JPG    IsItHIV.JPG

The  Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine and TREAT Asia have collaborated on the production of Is it HIV? a handbook for health care providers.

This valuable reference handbook aims to enable health care professionals in Asia and the Pacific to diagnose HIV infection at earlier stages of disease. This would facilitate more rapid treatment initiation, both reducing disease morbidity among HIV-infected people, and HIV transmission in the region.

The handbook includes clinical descriptions of a wide spectrum of HIV-associated conditions, divided by organ systems into fifteen chapters. The publication has been overseen by experts from ASHM and TREAT Asia, and has been produced with the assistance of AusAID and the University of Malaya, through an educational grant from Pfizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

  • The handbook is available in both hard copy and online via the ASHM and TREAT Asia​ websites.
  • The Bahasa Indonesian and Vietnamese editions of the handbook are also available.
  • Online learning modules adaped from Is it HIV? are also available