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    ASHM International Advisory Board

    ​​​​​​Terms of Reference

    ASHM International Advisory Board (AIAB) is a high level, honorary advisory group which will provide the following to ASHM:

    • Members will facilitate linkages between ASHM and regional counterparts, UN agencies and other government and non-government organisations, national and regional stakeholders, policy and decision makers by providing introductions and acting as referees about ASHM's programs and competencies.

    • Members will meet once annually as a Board to review high-level priorities for the ASHM International Division and provide advice as to how those priorities might be achieved.

    • Members, as experts within their own areas, will be asked to reflect on work being undertaken in other jurisdictions and help ASHM identify areas of complementarity and possible collaboration.

    • The ASHM International Division Manager, CEO and/or ASHM Board members may approach members individually for their advice about issues within the experiences and or expertise.

    International Advisory Board Members will be asked to commit for a period of three years. The ASHM President will sit on the Board throughout the term of his or her Presidency and take on the role as Co-Chair, an additional ASHM Board Member will be recruited each year, to a maximum of three Board Members. The ASHM Chief Executive Officer will be a Member of the Advisory Board and the International Division Manager will provide the Advisory Board Secretariat with support provided by the International Division.

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