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    ASHM International Advisory Board

    ​​​​​​Terms of Reference

    ASHM International Advisory Board (AIAB) is a high level, honorary advisory group which will provide the following to ASHM:

    • Members will facilitate linkages between ASHM and regional counterparts, UN agencies and other government and non-government organisations, national and regional stakeholders, policy and decision makers by providing introductions and acting as referees about ASHM's programs and competencies.

    • Members will meet once annually as a Board to review high-level priorities for the ASHM International Division and provide advice as to how those priorities might be achieved.

    • Members, as experts within their own areas, will be asked to reflect on work being undertaken in other jurisdictions and help ASHM identify areas of complementarity and possible collaboration.

    • The ASHM International Division Manager, CEO and/or ASHM Board members may approach members individually for their advice about issues within the experiences and or expertise.

    International Advisory Board Members will be asked to commit for a period of three years. The ASHM President will sit on the Board throughout the term of his or her Presidency and take on the role as Co-Chair, an additional ASHM Board Member will be recruited each year, to a maximum of three Board Members. The ASHM Chief Executive Officer will be a Member of the Advisory Board and the International Division Manager will provide the Advisory Board Secretariat with support provided by the International Division.

    Please find some more detail about the proposed membership and activities of the Advisory Board on the following pages, including information about a formation meeting in Vancouver in July and a follow-up meeting in January 2016.​

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