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Online training

Below you will find a list of online learning modules (eLearning), webinars, and video-based training. You can do these courses at any time.

 ELearning and Video-based Training



Gay Friendly GP Online Learning Module Friendly GP Online Learning ModuleThis module aims to inform health professionals about the diversity within the LGBTI community and to reduce stigma and discrimination,.eLearning
Emergency Service Providers and Blood-Borne Viruses Service Providers and Blood-Borne VirusesThe aim of this eLearning module that provides an overview of blood-borne viruses (BBV) within the context of the work of Emergency Service Providers.
Police and BBVs and BBVsOnline training video for police about blood-borne viruses. Companion to the booklet.
Clinical Science of HIV Medicine science of HIV Medicine.aspxClinical Science of HIV Medicine​This is an eLearning module that covers the clinical science of HIV medicine and is the first part of the Short Course in HIV Medicine.
Antenatal Testing and Blood-borne Viruses Testing and Blood-borne VirusesOnline video training companion to the booklet.
HIV Testing in Sydney LHD Testing in Sydney LHDThis HIV Testing Webinar will address training needs such as sexual history taking, identification of priority populations, routine testing and contact tracingeLearning
Looking to the Future of NSP and Harm Minimisation Programs to the Future of NSP and Harm Minimisation ProgramsWebinar presenting research conducted by the Centre for Social Research in Health in partnership with a harm minimisation program and NSP network in NSWeLearning
NUAA Knows: Consumer Engagement Knows: Consumer EngagementThe NSW Users & AIDS Association (NUAA) offers a ‘how to’ regarding issues of consumer engagement in relation to PWID as health service clientseLearning
Opioid Substitution Treatment and Programs Substitution Treatment and ProgramsNUAA Knows: Everything you wanted to know, but didn't know how to askeLearning
HIV and Oral Health and Oral HealthDr Helen Carey, Specialist Dentist from Sydney Dental Hospital discusses common dental presentations in PLHIV. eLearning

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