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HIV Testing

​​​​​​​​The only means for detecting undiagnosed HIV infection is through HIV testing.

ASHM actively works to identify and remove barriers to HIV testing at administrative, clinical and individual levels. ASHM also works with the HIV health workforce to educate professionals about new and emerging testing methods, and to promote the full range of HIV testing options.

National HIV Testing Policy and ASHM Testing Portal

The National HIV Testing Policy outlines guidelines and best practice for HIV testing in the Australian setting. 

ASHM facilitates reviews of the National HIV Testing Policy through an Expert Reference Group. We then publish the Policy through the ASHM Testing Portal. The website provides nationally relevant policy for HIV, as well as hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing. 

The latest Testing Policy review was last conducted in 2013. ​Final sign-off on the draft is pending, but it can be viewed at the ASHM Testing Portal​.

Point of Care Testing – Training Curriculum

Point of Care tests (PoCT) refer to rapid screening tests done outside of the traditional laboratory setting. They are also referred to as 'rapid tests'. PoCT is available at sites across Australia.  

ASHM maintains a national curriculum on PoCT which can be used by health professionals and community agency staff to educate test operators on practical issues around: 

  • Test operation
  • Particulars on how to deliver a result 
  • Details about the necessary elements of operating a PoCT site effectively. 

This curriculum was funded through a grant from the Australian Government, Department of Health.​

Resources for People Conveying Test Results and Diagnosing HIV

ASHM produces a range of resources for people who are involved in HIV testing and conveying results. Many of these are linked to the HIV Testing Portal. 

We also include prevention, testing and diagnosis chapters in our clinical texts. Hard copies of these books can be ordered or downloaded in full or by chapter. These are available on the Resources area of this website

​We​​ produce a series of discipline-specific resources and many of these cover HIV testing. ASHM is also able to work with professional groups to develop profession-specific resources. 

Contact Tracing Manual and Online Contact Tracing Resources

ASHM has produced the National Contact Tracing Manual​ and specific contact tracing 'partner notification' resources for Western Australia. Hard copies of the Manual can be ordered or downloaded.

Policy Development

As a professional organisation, ASHM has an active program of policy development.  We contribute to policy, standards and help develop guidelines in the area of testing.​,

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