ASHM plays a significant role in policy development it does this through a number of processes:

  • ASHM develops position statements on key issues. These are concise, living documents which are evidence based and are reviewed in order to keep in step with emerging evidence.
  • ASHM also contributes to third party policy development being conducted by third party agencies. Usually this is through open policy consultation processes, where input from members is sought.
  •  At other times, ASHM takes an unsolicited, proactive role encouraging another organisation or class of organisations to change their policy, or consider new issues as a matter of policy
  • When we are actively involved in a policy matter we make documents available via the website for comment and, when permitted by the policy process, publish our comments and contributions on the website.
  • We are currently creating a policy archive and all policy documents will be stored there.​


ASHM Position Statements

Navigate via the above link to a page which provides links to policy, position and discussion papers written by ASHM on behalf of its members.

Members contribute to the development of these papers by making submissions or comment on documents being prepared by ASHM. ASHM may also make submissions on members' behalf and/or call meetings to discuss various issues.