• ​ASHM develops a comprehensive range of resources to support the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce, as well as a series of profession-based booklets for allied health workers and other professionals who may come into contact with blood-borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections.
  • The resources focus on the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of blood-borne viruses and sexually transmissibe infections.
  • Our resources are available in printed and/or online formats.

Drawing on the clinical expertise of members and other health professionals, ASHM resources are developed to meet the specific needs of the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce. 

Our range includes:

  • Clinical monographs and handbooks for use by primary and specialist care providers.

  • Clinical guidelines including the ARV Guidance Portal.

  • Booklets targeting a range of professions, including GPs, nurses, dentists, emergency services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers, aged care providers, interpreters and translators, police and correctional officers. If you would like to discuss the development of a resource for your workplace please contact

  • Online publications, including the Testing Portal – an online gateway to national testing policies, and the Australasian Contact Tracing Manual and Guide to Australian HIV Laws and Policies for Healthcare Professionals.

  • Decision making tools – to assist with serology, management and treatment decisions.

  • Fact sheets for healthcare professionals and their patients.

ASHM works collaboratively with sector partners in the development, publication and promulgation of resources. 

You can contact if you would like to discuss resource production, or want to order resources in bulk for training purposes.