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HIV and Mobility in Australia Report Card: snapshot of progress and activity

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The newly released Report Card: A snapshot of progress and activity  provides a snapshot of current activities in Australia relating to the most urgent recommendations in the HIV and Mobility in Australia: Road Map for Action.

​The national Community of Practice for Action on HIV and Mobility (CoPAHM) was established in March 2015. The CoPAHM is an initiative resulting from the recommendations of the HIV and Mobility in Australia Road Map for Action. CoPAHM now has over 70 members from government and non-government organisations, research institutions, community groups and national peak bodies. This group seeks to increase partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders to facilitate policy, research and practice efforts regarding HIV and mobility.

Report Card: A snapshot of progress and activity

One of the first activities of the CoPAHM was to undertake a coordinated, national audit  of the priotirty strategies identified in the Road Map. The audit was completed over a three month period with CoPAHM members and other relevant stakeholders. The resulting Report Card: A snapshot of progress and activity provides an overview of national momentum in relation to the priority strategies from the Road Map. It is designed to stimulate and prioritise further activity in HIV and mobility. The audit shows there is momentum across four of the five areas, with strong momentum in community mobilisation and in development of service for mobile or migrant people and groups. Areas that still require action include international leadership and commonwealth and state leadership. Meaningful action is needed to address these areas to move towards a goal of zero new infections by 2020.

CoPAHM will continue to work towards creating and maintaining momentum for the five Action Areas of the Road Map, with a particular focus on areas that have seen little or no momentum. Additional mapping of activities has been planned for March 2016 to track momentum on HIV and mobility.

An on-line portal has recently been set up for CoPAHM members to allow for further collaboration and communication. If you are interested in CoPAHM, are not already a member and/or would like to receive email updates and access to the on-line portal, please contact CoPAHM on

For further information on the Road Map for Action,  Report Card or CoPAHM please visit our website

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