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HIV Shared Care for GPs

The Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) has developed a suite of resources to support general practitioners providing care to HIV positive patients in their practices. Key to the HIV Shared Care for GPs model is the knowledge that improved treatment outcomes mean that HIV is now considered a chronic condition. GPs, specialists, nurses, allied health and support services are involved in the management of people living with HIV and this management involves team-based interdisciplinary communication and planning. 

General Practice Management Plan for HIV (GPMP for HIV)

Central to the HIV Shared Care for GPs model is the GP Management Plan (GPMP) for HIV. This tool encourages comprehensive disease management using an annual cycle of care for HIV that is based on current guidelines, including the RACGP Red Book and STIGMA Guidelines for STI testing

HIV GPMP Audit and Shared Care Training

To evaluate the GPMP for HIV, an Audit and training package have been developed by ASHM, with endorsement by the RACGP.

GPs with a caseload of five or more HIV positive patients have the opportunity to earn 40 RACGP QI&CPD Audit Points and 6 ASHM HIV Points when they participate in the Audit. 

The Audit consists of three parts:

Part 1: A retrospective audit of five HIV positive patients for whom they have provided care in their practice. Each audit consists of 24 questions about the HIV management provided for that patient, and the level of communication between GP and HIV specialist or specialist service.

Part 2: Shared care training. This consists of nine short videos from GPs and specialist HIV services about how to develop a comprehensive GPMP for HIV, including key issues in monitoring, management and best practice shared care between GPs and specialists.

Part 3: Six months following the training, the GP will be asked to complete a second retrospective audit of five HIV positive patients for whom they have provided care since the training. The results will compare pre- and post-GPMP Shared Care training. GPs will receive a report that highlights their management of patients living with HIV, where their communication and monitoring needs improvement and encouraging GPs to reflect on their practice. 

Participating in the Audit

The HIV GPMP Audit and Shared Care Training is available on the ASHM Learning Management System (LMS). Participants need to register for a username and password to access the LMS. Once registered, GPs and other health professionals have access to an extensive library of online modules, training, and webinars which accrue points towards continuing professional development (CPD).

For more information, visit the HIV Shared Care page
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