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Positive Caring

Positive Caring is a handbook written to provide information and resources for older people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their care team. This may include carers, care workers, health professionals, and family and friends.

The handbook was developed to be comprehensive, its information applicable in any setting where older PLHIV require care, from their home to residential care facilities.

The handbook aims to answer common questions frequently asked by people caring PLHIV, and to provide clear and practical information.

It is part of the Senior Voices project.

This project addresses the challenging issues of HIV and aging. The project educates aged care providers and their staff on the needs of senior people living with HIV; it will also build and strengthen the resilience of senior people living with HIV.

​The project is a joint initiative between Living Positive Victoria and the Royal District Nursing Service Limited.

Visit the website to download the handbook

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