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    Resources for practitioners



    General Practitioners and HIV: This eight-page booklet has been written for general practitioners managing patients living with HIV. 

    It provides detailed information about HIV transmission, natural history, managing a diagnosis, including conveying a positive result, and legal responsibilities relevant in the primary care setting.​


    ​Decision Making in HIV:​​ This two-page quick reference guide assists health professionals to evaluate HIV laboratory results. It provides guidance on who to test, delivering HIV laboratory results and it can be used when making decisions about HIV management and treatment.


    National HIV Testing Policy: The Testing Policy sets out the framework for providing quality testing and removing real and perceived barriers to testing. It identifies requirements and provides guidance on HIV testing provision procedures. ​

    Key areas of the policy relevant to GPs include:


    ​Australasian Contact Tracing Manual: GPs organising HIV testing and/or conveying the results have the responsibility to ensure that appropriate contact tracing is initiated. 

    The Contact Tracing Manual provides practical support and guidance and to enhance the effectiveness of partner notification.​


    ​Guide to Australian HIV Laws and Policies for Healthcare Professionals: An online resource with information on legal and ethical responsibilities under various laws and regulations related to HIV.

    ​HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STIs: A guide for primary care: ​This comprehensive ​handbook is a leading HIV, viral hepatitis and STI clinical resource, reflecting current knowledge and recommended practice in primary care settings.​

    It is designed to meet the needs of GPs, providing information and guidelines on risk assessment, diagnosis, management and professional issues. It also covers legal responsibilities for primary carers. ​

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