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HIV Events

Please find below upcoming conferences, events, meetings, dinner updates and other events related to HIV. and other events related to HIV.



Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections Conference (APACC) Pacific AIDS & Co-infections Conference (APACC)1-3 June 2017 | APACC is the leading conference within the Asia Pacific region and a quintessential platform for young investigators. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to meet your colleagues in the field of HIV and Co-infections.GP0|#9ab40fc1-6e86-4f1f-9a7a-1ff9f193ce51;L0|#09ab40fc1-6e86-4f1f-9a7a-1ff9f193ce51|Conference;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106e;GPP|#68f715d1-8791-4d1c-8514-cdd27d77b74fGP0|#f001df20-76bd-422b-9adc-dc3407467c1e;L0|#0f001df20-76bd-422b-9adc-dc3407467c1e|Co-infection;GTSet|#dd3bb5ec-7f07-44a6-ad6a-353b82624b89;GP0|#dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5;L0|#0dd9963c0-8c72-40e7-83e9-94fb06eb72f5|HIVGP0|#f8fe9405-b889-4059-9d4f-604e788720e1;L0|#0f8fe9405-b889-4059-9d4f-604e788720e1|External Organisation;GTSet|#e2da4fc3-3bee-4dbc-83a4-35cc0aae5aa4


​ASHM posts sector-related events for free. If you would like your event listed here please submit an enquiry with the details to the Conference and Events team

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