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    Is It HIV?

    ​​​This is an eLearning course adapted from "Is it HIV?" clinical resource for health care providers.

    Presented in 15 modules, it is designed for health professionals working in Asia and the Pacific, covering a wide spectrum of HIV-associated conditions. 

    The modules can be worked through in sequence or as individual modules according to your interest.

    To start at the beginning, please select 'Welcome to Is it HIV?'

    Welcome to Is it HIV?

    Modules include:

    2. HIV seroconversion illness

    3. HIV-related respiratory conditions

    4. HIV-related neurological conditions

    5. HIV and sexually transmitted infections

    6. HIV-related oral and gastrointestinal conditions

    7. HIV-related eye conditions

    8. HIV-related Haematological conditions

    9. HIV-related skin conditions

    10. HIV-related hepatitis

    11. HIV infection in paediatric practice

    12. HIV infection in obstetric and gynaecological conditions

    13. HIV infection in injecting drug practice

    14. Laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection

    15. Counselling and testing for HIV

    To watch any of these individual modules, please select the 'Navigation Options' 

    Is it HIV? Navigation Options


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