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Updated ‘Australasian Contact Tracing Guidelines’ now available

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New Australasian Contact Tracing website is now available

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The Australasian Contact Tracing Gu​​idelines produced by ASHM aims to provide practical support and guidance and to enhance the effectiveness of partner notification. Formerly available as a printed book, the updated resource is now a searchable mobile-friendly website: ​

For many years contact tracingor partner notification​​has been a cornerstone in the management of patients diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STI) and is considered an essential component in the control of these infections.

When patients are diagnosed with a treatable sexually transmitted infection, it is vital that testing and treatment of their sexual partners is properly considered, discussed and supported. Research shows that a substantial proportion of the partners of such patients will be infected but unaware of this, warranting efforts to ensure partner notification is facilitated and completed successfully.​

The guidelines provide practical guidance including: steps in contact tracing, how to time the discussion, ways of notifying contacts, how far back to trace; and references to Australian Privacy, Confidentiality and Public Health Law.​

The Australasian Contact Tracing Guidelines can also be used in conjunction with Australian Guidelines for Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI) for use by primary care professionals.​​​

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